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April 09, 2017


We are a small, family owned business located in the small town of Clarks Summit, PA. All of us that are involved in this wild and woolly adventure had no idea that our aromatherapy product line would be so well received by you guys! And for that, I really need to say Thank You!

We really do want to be a “different” sort of business. We want to put the “personal” back into the equation of doing business with people. At least that’s my grand plan and I have no intentions on wavering on that fact! I’m tired of being “blown off” by companies when I have a problem and I would have to imagine…So are You!  So needless to say..You won’t get that here! That I promise!

What you will get here, is actually people who will listen and respond should you have any questions or concerns about any of our products. I’ve made sure that we are easily accessible via a support email and via a toll free number.

But if you take anything away from stopping here, it is my sincerest hope that you realize that we are just like you. And that you’ll get treated like we like to get treated!

And if you want to know more about our small, yet powerful essential oil diffusers, check them out along with our other products here.

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Who Else Want's To Know About Carrier Oils?

Since many of our customers are new to using essential oils, we thought it might be a good idea to introduce you to the other types of oils that also have some wonderful uses and benefits.

And these would be Carrier Oils.

What Are Carrier Oils?

Carrier oils are produced from what is known as the "fatty" part of the plant. This can be the seeds, kernels or nuts that the plant produces.

A excellent example would be sweet almond oil that is made from nuts. Another would be grapeseed oil that is made from the seeds.

And yes indeed, there are many more carrier oils than just those two that are produced commercially. We'll touch base on a few more in just a minute.

So why do they call them "carrier oils? Glad you asked.

Since these oils lack the ability to evaporate and are absorbed by your skin, it makes them ideal to dilute the more concentrated essential oils should you wish to apply a oil topically.

They act as a carrier agent for your essential oils, hence the term!

And just so you know...

You should NEVER apply a essential oil directly to your skin! They are way to strong and concentrated and you run a very high risk of skin irritation! that we have that out of the way, let's move on.

How Do I Blend My Essential Oils With A Carrier Oil?

Here is a good rule of thumb should you decide you want to start applying your essential oils to your skin.

Use a 2% dilution rate. By that I mean that your essential oil should be 2% of the total solution. Now don't roll your's quite simple!

For every ounce (30ml) of carrier oil just add 12 drops of your essential oil. See..that's pretty easy to remember and you'll never have a worry about using to much essential oil and risk a skin irritation!

Now if you want to use essential oils on children, dilute the blend even further! A good rule of thumb here would be 6 drops per ounce of carrier oil which makes it only a 1% dilution.

When in doubt, always go by "less is more" and you should be just fine.

Popular Carrier Oils

Every carrier oil has different properties and benefits. So before you start looking to purchase a carrier oil, decide what benefit you would like.

Since there are quite a few carrier oils to cover, in this post we'll touch on a few that work incredibly well at moisturizing your skin.

Jojoba Oil - You'll find this oil in many commercial  beauty products for your face. The reason being is that jojoba oil is very similar to the natural sebum found on your skin. This trait makes it a ideal choice for all skin types.

It is a carrier oil that is absorbed deeply by your skin and is a excellent moisturizer.

Avocado Oil - If you have dry skin, this is the carrier oil you might want to reach for. It is jam packed with fatty acids and vitamins which have numerous benefits for your skin.

It has been said that avocado oil can slow down skin aging and also aid in the repair of sun damaged skin.

Argan Oil - This carrier oil from the forests in Morocco is becoming increasingly popular for many reasons. For one, argan oil is very rich in vitamin A and vitamin E. It also contains many beneficial fatty acids and antioxidants.

It is a carrier oil that is readily absorbed by the skin and like most carrier oils, argan oil does not leave a oily residue. 

As you can see from this quick overview on carrier oils, you really can't go wrong in choosing one over the other. It will basically come down to just your own personal preference.

In the next installment on carrier oils, we'll take a look at oils that are beneficial to your hair.

So stay tuned and keep checking back!











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