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Essential Oil Carrying Case

Essential Oil Carrying Cases are important to have when it comes to keeping your essential oils in tip top condition. Your oils can change composition if exposed to too much sunlight, too high of a temperature, too much exposure to the air and excessive moisture. Using a carrying case is the perfect way to store or travel with your oils. The case will keep your oils from being exposed to the elements, will keep them organized for you and are great for anyone who's on the go a lot of the time. Cases come in many different makes like soft cases, hard cases, wooden cases and even designer purses. Some cases are even made to carry your roller bottles too. When choosing a case you'll want to think about not only an attractive design but what is most functional and serves the best purpose for your individual needs. Since these needs can frequently change, you may need more than one case to fit your lifestyle and daily requirements. Carrying cases also make great gifts for all of your oil loving friends or business associates and are frequently gifted along with a diffuser. Cases also come in all sizes. Some are large and hold 30 or more bottles and some hold anywhere from 12 to 15 and are perfect for traveling. No matter what your need, we offer a wide variety of choices and hope that you find the perfect solution for your oil storage needs. Your oils will love you for your choice!