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Synergy Blends

Our ready-made collections of Synergy Blends have been designed and formulated to combine complementary essential oils in order to enhance the power of the oils' therapeutic capabilities. They're the perfect way to use your oils both therapeutically and aromatically. Synergy blends (or mixes or combinations) are creations that render the blend to be more effective than the individual oils on their own. In other words, synergy is achieved when a blend is created that is greater than simply the sum of its parts.  When blending, we choose oils that complement each other and work together to support the blend's purpose. We also test to make sure that the oils smell good together because who wants to diffuse a blend that isn't aromatically appealing? We also use oils that blend well with oils in their same family or group and are chosen because of the way that they work best together. While you can use one single oil to address an ailment, the blends provide the benefit of having more than one oil working to achieve the same solution but in a more synergistic and powerful way. Synergy blends tend to work very well with stress related ailments, just to name one. They're most commonly used with a diffuser (or inhaled) so you can aromatically feel the benefits. But they can also be added to massage or body oil, used as a chest rub, used in a nice hot bath or shower, used as a foot soak, used in a hot compress or inhaled while meditating.  The possibilities are endless and rewards may be huge.