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AromaWear Heart Shaped Replacement Pads for Diffuser Necklace - Washable - Pack Of 25

  • DURABLE - These 7/8in. heart shaped replacement pads for essential oil diffuser necklaces are synthetic, washable and made to last!
  • ABSORBENT - The material is made to absorb your essential oils and give you the benefits of your favorite scent throughout the day.
  • THREE COLORS - It's easy to change the "look" of your essential oil jewelry just by choosing a different color pad! You get black, red, and white pads in the 25 pack!
  • WASHABLE - Unlike many pads that loose their absorbing power after so many uses - These don't! Wash with mild soap and warm water and...VOILA! Ready to be "Oiled" again & again & again!

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