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Wood Grain Portable Ultrasonic 50 mL Car Diffuser with Travel Pack and Travel Oil

Love to take your essential oils everywhere you go? This portable wood grain diffuser that comes with its own travel pack and Travel Essential Oil Blend will be perfect for you. This modern and sleek diffuser will diffuse for up to three hours continuously on battery power alone and has a 50 mL reservoir.  It will easily fit into your cupholder and can also be used with the USB charging option. When plugged in, run time is 4-5 hours in continuous mode and 8-10 hours in intermittent mode. It's perfect for any length road trip. 

This model comes with a USB cable, a power cord adapter and a convenient and slick looking carrying case.  Since we know that the occasional upset stomach can occur due to motion sickness, we're also including a bottle of Travel Essential Oil Blend that's safe for both adults and children. 

Caution Advisory:

Be sure the diffuser is always on a flat, stable surface or fits snugly into your cup holder to prevent water spillage. 

The diffuser's safety sensor will be activated and power shut down if jostling or tipping of the diffuser causes the water to slop around. 


Be sure the USB cable and port are dry before inserting the cable. 

The diffuser must be turned off and disconnected from any power supply before filling with water. 

Note: This diffuser is designed to be used with US voltage and plugs - an adapter may be needed for International customers.

This car diffuser is also available in Wood Grain

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